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智利无限长凳装置设计 | Azócar Catrón

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    Patricio Zeiss, Nicolás Becerra

无限长凳(Infinity Bench)位于智利南部康塞普西翁,是Azócar Catrón事务所为Enrique Molina Garmendia学校的配套Alejandro Merino园设计的装置。在安放装置之前,Alejandro Merino园仅仅是一个普通的城市。项目旨在通过装置,为空间赋予新的意义,吸引更多的人群,实现园的复兴。

Infinity Bench is an installation developed for the Alejandro Merino Botanical Garden at the Enrique Molina Garmendia School in Concepción, in the south of Chile. Its goal is the reappraisal and restoration of this space, consigned until now, to just being a generous front garden of an emblematic city building.


▲装置概览,overall of the project © Patricio Zeiss

Alejandro Merino园坐落于城市的密集区域,以其规模以及茂盛的树木而闻名。从街道上看,公园十分显眼,宛如一片困在大都市中的小森林。园位于康塞普西翁(Concepción) 核心区的Anibal Pinto大街上,距离当地最重要的绿地之一 —— Ecuador公园仅几米之遥。园平面呈矩形,长47米,宽22米,园内共有大约60棵乔木。一条蜿蜒的小路,以对角线的形式将园一分为二,从这里可以看到不同时间种植的多种灌木与树种。这些植被没有经过明确的组织与Betway官网规划,完全自由生长,呈现出自然之态,将园变成学校与街道之间的过渡区。在优美的自然环境背景下,学生和教师们悠闲地漫步在小路上,道路上的行人也纷纷为这美景伫足停留。

Since it can be seen from the street, it is widely known for its scale and the size of the trees it harbors in a dense area of the city, appearing as a small forest trapped inside the metropolis. The Botanical Garden runs along Anibal Pinto street, right in the heart of Concepción, just a few meters from Ecuador Park, one of the city’s most important green areas. The garden is laid in a 22×47 meter rectangle, with around 60 randomly placed trees. There is only a winding path there, which in a kind of diagonal divides the garden into two, from where it is possible to see different bush and tree species planted at different times and with no clear organization. This turns the garden into just a transit area for students and teachers who follow the existing path, or for those walking along the street, a beautiful backdrop that breaks up their journey.


▲远观项目,viewing the project at distance © Patricio Zeiss

▲长凳被小心地放置在树木之间,the bench placed carefully between the trees © Patricio Zeiss

Alejandro Merino园已经成为当地人们记忆中的一部分,为了实现公园的复兴,设计师利用这种怀旧情绪,并设想出包括附近高中人群在公园中的各种可能的活动场景,设计了一个连续的圆形长凳装置。装置直径14米,由67个重复木制模块单元组成,两端被现有的小路打破,形成出入口。长凳被小心地放置在树木之间,在不破坏当地宝贵自然遗产的同时,巧妙地创造出一个融入Betway官网的室外教室。

For the restoration, after recording the nostalgia and possible uses among the high school community, a continuous circular bench was proposed for the garden, some 14 meters in diameter, formed by a systematic repetition of 67 wooden modules, that is only broken by the existing path, placed carefully between the trees to create a new classroom amid the landscape, leaving the valuable natural heritage of the place unaltered.


▲分析图,diagram © Azócar Catrón


▲风景中的教室,classroom amid the landscape ©Patricio Zeiss

装置围合出的小空间可以变身为课堂、工作室以及学生们课外聚会的场所,将Alejandro Merino园重新融入校园日常生活中。此外,引人注目的红色长凳还将公园重新带回人们的视线中,使公园成为“Penquista”(康塞普西翁市民的统称)社区的标志性场所。

It is expected that classes, workshops and student gatherings take place there, reintegrating it into the school’s daily life and turning it into an iconic object, making this garden visible within the local “Penquista” (name given to people living in the city of Concepción) community.

▲装置细部,details of the project ©Patricio Zeiss


▲插画效果,illustration © Azócar Catrón


▲轴测图,axonometric drawing © Azócar Catrón


▲区位图,location plan © Azócar Catrón


▲总平面图,master plan © Azócar Catrón

Project Name: Infinity Bench

Architecture Office: Azócar Catrón

Website: www.azocarcatron.cl

Contact e-mail: azocarcatron@gmail.com

Country of Office: Chile

Architects In Charge: Ricardo Azócar, Carolina Catrón

Collaborators: Jorge Lazo, María Florencia Ormeño, Fernando Pedreros, Eduardo Aburto, Guillermo Medina.

Construction completion year: 2018

Constructed area: 20m2

Location: Liceo Enrique Molina Garmendia, Concepción, Bío-Bío Region, Chile

Photography Credits: Patricio Zeiss, Nicolás Becerra